Thursday, 24 April 2014

Getting started with Fuse 6.1 and fabric8

Just a very quick followup to my previous post.  Since writing it the Fuse upstream project fabric8 has been released and also JBoss Fuse 6.1.

fabric8 is the upstream community project for JBoss Fuse which is available in Maven Central.  With it comes a sleek new website with documentation that lives with the code on GitHub.

Don't miss new features being added by following the fabric8 project on GitHub.  It's never been easier to get involved, start contributing and benefitting from you efforts...its Open Source after all!

Below are a few of the new features (some are tech preview) in 6.1 that I've been really looking forward to...

  • fabric plugin for hawtio - this is the consolidation of FMC inside hawtio and much much more
  • fabric8:deploy - awesome new maven plugin that aids continuous delivery and working with OpenShift
  • Gateways - discovery, load balancing and failover of TCP, HTTP and HTTPs traffic
  • New broker topologies including Replicated level-db
  • Git to version all configuration*
  • Kibana and elastic search for powerful searching of logs within a fabric.
  • new Camel version 2.12.0
  • new ActiveMQ version 5.9.0

* Instead of importing properties and broker configuration from the files into your fabric you can now commit them directly to the Git repo.  

In 6.1 you still need to initially create a fabric from the CLI.  Once in a fabric, from hawtio (available by default in 6.1 @ http://localhost:8181/hawtio/) navigate to the containers section.  On the right hand side is a URL tab, select this and you will find the Git repo for ZK configuration.  Copy this, clone the repo and you can navigate to find the profiles where you can commit your properties and broker.xml and other configuration.

There are many many more new features, even if you're completely familiar with Fuse I really recommend reading the fabric8 docs.  I guarantee there will be something that you say "well I didn't know that" or "now that's cool!"

What's after 6.1 and in fabric8 that I'm excited about?

  1. Docker - extreme lightweight containers that share and reuse resources with other containers whist appearing as individual servers.  I've being playing with docker for a couple of month now, this will change everything and Red Hat are working with Docker on their main products. For example checkout Paolo's GitHub repo where he has scripts that can recreate an entire production Fabric cluster including 3 fabric servers and multiple worker nodes all on a single Linux OS.
  2. Micro Services - you just have to check this out! fabric8's answer to
  3. Process Manager - I haven't had time to properly look at this yet but after reading it you know it's going to be big!